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Sophia Webster wins the BFC Designer Fashion Fund!

Sophia Webster wins the BFC Designer Fashion Fund!

Sophie Webster

“My customer is someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously, is colorful and likes to have fun with what she wears,” Sophia Webster says. “She expresses her personality through her shoes.”

Sophia Webster costumer is someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously, but this young beauty London – Based shoe designer is very serious when it comes to shoes. Webster beat off competition from several talented ready-to-wear designers, and was announce the winner of the 2016 British Fashion Council/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund prize at the Bulgari Hotel in London.

Sophia Webster is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and shoemaking institution Cordwainers and the second woman to win the prize.

The fund is insane, it provides one designer with a £200,000 (about $288,000) and access to 12 months of director-level mentoring from some of the biggest editors, buyers and brands in fashion. Congratulations Sophia Webster, we are sure much more will come 😉

Sophia Webster has an amazing ability to turn everything she creates into masterpieces. She´s like a Fairy Godmother from little girls fairy tales, she designs the most amazing shoes with butterflies, flamingos, flowers, fruits, bows, stripes, and they are all very girly, color and playfully eccentric statement shoes. I imagine myself with 5 years old and I would be crazy about this shoes, but now I still want to have all the collection in my closet, and wear them all the time, because let´s face it with this shoes on you don´t need anything else to fill fabulous and powerful. To prove my theory Sophia already have a collection for little girls, but without the heels, and it´s magic.

“What I do is very feminine and fun and done in a chic, sexy way,” Webster says. “My shoes are for women who want to express their personality through their shoes and will appreciate and enjoy them.”

Although these shoes seem to have come out of a Fairy Tale, the price is very realistic, so instead of making her shoes in Italy, Sophia Webster uses a factory in Brazil, offering luxury fashion footwear but not with the price tag that comes with it. In the gallery you´ll find some of our favorites, go ahead and pick yours!

Sophia Webster collection: