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New York Fashion Week Spring 2014

I’m finally in New York to see the most overwhelming fashion event, New York Fashion Week NYFW. There’s nothing you can see or read that describes the environment of NYFW. Is like visiting a country, you have to be there to really enjoy, the culture, the people, the smells, the music, the weather, the view. Lincoln center becomes a parade of beautiful people wearing statement looks.
Every degree you turn you’ll spot something worth noting. Restaurants, Hotels, stores, even taxis, the famous yellow cabs so many times used in fashion campaigns and movies, are all inspiring by NYFW. Special discounts given in stores, special NYFW menus in restaurants, videos about NYFW in taxis, everything and everyone talks about fashion.
Marc Jacob’s store in west village, near the house of the famous Carrie Bradshaw from sex and the city, made a special NYFW sell, where the costumers could choose a graffiti design and personalize a T-shirt that will be made in that very moment, by a professional. The event begins outside with thousands of photographers, bloggers, fashion lovers, celebrities and models who are walk through the Lincoln Center to attend NYFW. Cameras are taking pictures all the time, no one wants to loose a crazy or amazing look.
So everyone is posing to the cameras, bloggers pose to other bloggers, even simple people who are just passing by with outrageous looks are being photographed. But the most exciting moments are when celebrities arrive, perfect in their exquisite, outfits, makeups, and hairstyle.
For the first time I saw one of my fashion divas Olivia Palermo, and I have to confess my excitement. What can I say?? She’s absolutely gorgeous, elegant and chic, just like a model from a Vogue commercial. Here are some photos,  of the inspiring looks and trends from the event and New York streets that I saw, I hope you enjoy. Have a great day.