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How to deal with a toxic friendship

How to deal with a toxic friendship

Friends are the best…until when things can get really tricky. If you’re feeling exhausting, put down, uncomfortable or pressured, you might be dealing with a toxic friendship.

Being in a toxic friendship can really suck, and it’s hard to know how to deal with it. If you want to know how you can deal with a toxic fiend make it work, check out our guide for some tips.

  1. Have an honest conversation

We can’t guarantee this will solve the problem, but an honest conversation it’s important to show the other person how are you truly feeling.  Sometimes our friends aren’t aware how their behaviour is affecting us and they would never want you to feel they way you do. Be prepared and kind, but at the same time say everything that needs to be said.

2. Set the boundaries

The second step is to set healthy boundaries. Explain to your friend which behaviours are hurting you or don’t make you feel comfortable (for example, if everything is about them, or if you’re constantly feeling judged etc). If they try to understand and work on it with you – this friendship has a chance to last and become even stronger over time.

3. Remove yourself from that friendship 

We would like to believe that anything could be fixed, however, as we mentioned earlier, friendships are two-way partnerships. Therefore, it requires open communication and both people willing to improve things. If someone reacts in an aggressive way, or is blaming you for everything – then it’s time to walk away. 

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