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The beauty technology that will transform your skin forever

The beauty technology that will transform your skin forever

Two months ago I finally bought the revolutionary technology in the beauty industry – Foreo Luna 2. I’ve been thinking about buying this beauty device for quite some time, so when I went to Douglas and saw it was on sale and I didn’t think twice and bought it.

However when my husband saw my pink device for the first time, he wasted no time in saying that it should be the worst purchase I had made considering that sliding a pink rubbery, vibrating paddle over my face does not seem to do an effective skin cleansing.

I have to tell you how wrong my husband was. Yes dear you were wrong, but don’t worry they already made a men´s version in black 😉 After trying this electronic facial device, I immediately feel the effect on my skin. It gets tighter, feels smoother and my makeup applies beautifully! And in just one week my skin was completely different. All in all, I love it.

foreo 2

Since the birth of my second child I had the skin of a teenager, red in some places and with an acne that led me to despair. After a week of using Luna the red skin stopped and the acne miraculously began to disappear. Of course sometimes a little pimple appears to remind me how my skin is not fantastic, but nothing like it use to be, because Luna 2 really helps with breakouts, blackheads, dry skin and uneven skin tone.

Foreo Luna has a medical anti-bacterial silicone surface. It vibrates and has several gain settings. Foreo Luna’s T-Sonic™ technology gives up to 8000 pulsations per minute. The sonic pulsations goes through the soft silicone touch-points and remove dead skin cells, and was designed to deep-cleanse as well as has an anti-aging facial mode that actually massages the face and softens the appearance of fine lines, boost circulation and relax facial muscles, and it really does work. Foreo Luna it’s also waterproof so you can use it in the shower as well.

Other advantages are that it drains out water under the skin and mute swollen areas. Since you can apply cleansing milk and serum/moisturizer while you use the back side of Luna 2, your skincare products absorb much deeper than normal. The battery is probably the best on the market, one charge lasts for absolutely ages! Foreo Luna lasts up to 450 times before you need to charge it, and the charge only took an hour or so, incredibly convenient because there’s no need to lug a charger with you when you travel. Luna 2 is available in four specially tailored models, meaning that there is a Luna 2 for every skin type.

foreo 4

I come to the conclusion that all these years I was not cleaning my face properly, because my hands were not enough to wash my face as it should be, as well as the facial sponges that, because they get moist and gain bacteria they end up infecting my skin even more. And with Luna 2 you will remove 99,5 percent of dirt and oil of your skin. How incredible is that?!?!?!

Although Foreo costs €199.00, I think it’s one of those machines that are worth having at home, for me it’ s certainly more useful than a thermomix or a bimby, and much cheaper 😉

Are you ready to transform your skin forever?