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Fashion through the eyes of a Mother and architect

Fashion through the eyes of a Mother and architect

I’m an architect. By default (or not) I’m interested in how I show “things”. When I think of a building I always say that we are telling a story and that we have to define how we want to tell it. What we show, when we show and in what form; What we see from one side or another; What matter and texture, what light, what scale and proportion.

In fashion I end up using the same rule. If it is a killing dress the accessories are sober and the shoes will also be. If I choose a stunning jewel everything else is quieter. In both cases (fashion and architecture) I usually say that if everything is screaming very loud I don’t hear what story they want to tell me.
I must say that there can be several “heroes”, pieces that make themselves heard, as long as they work well as a team and there is a balance!


This is my approach, it’s what works for me. And if this is so important in the choice we make when we introduce ourselves to the world, this choice amplifies when it is a brand to show the world its product.

This leads me to invite you to walk by Hermés. I work in Chiado, in Lisbon and don´t walk in Chiado as many times as I would like, but I don´t miss a Hermes window. The care and story that tells each new season is an example of design that goes beyond the common exhibition of pieces in shop windows. From the praise of the 5 senses, to collections “under water”, to the incredible world of insects, the array of suggestions is always enriching and always surprising.

When I go to the store I keep thinking: what will it be this time?
If a normal window calls us by the characteristics of the pieces, here besides the pieces that are stunning, also the works on the window takes us to another world.


I couldn’t finish this article without congratulating the author of some of these creations, Joana Astolfi. It seems that her connection to this house was marked by her irreverence. One day he enters the store and shows her intention to collaborate with the brand.
Pure coincidence: her name is Joana as the founder and editor of Chic Every Week and architect like me! Fun coincidence and undoubtedly a name to follow!
Look at the images that I leave you and when you come to Chiado don´t forget to stop and be delighted by the windows of Hermes!


About The Autor

Carolina Segurado Fernandes

Carolina is an architect in Portugal, and a mother of two beautiful  girls. She´s also the founder of the solidary platform MU.BU, that she created with the goal of challenging everyone anywhere to help a cause, because she believes that we can all make a difference in someone’s life.