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In conversation with Clare Wimmer founder of Fabusco

In conversation with Clare Wimmer founder of Fabusco

clareLast year at web summit we were suddenly approached by a cool photographer girl with a short and stylish haircut, who asked us if we could take a picture because our style was perfect for her company website. Of course we immediately said yes, after all it´s not every day that your look deserves a picture, unless your are Olivia Palermo 😉

After we took the picture we wanted to know everything about her company and so she introduced us to Clare Wimmer the founder of Fabusco.

We chat with Clare for quite sometime, and we were immediately impressed with her passion and courage to jump in a new and completely different life to create this innovative concept in the world of Fashion.

Clare used to work as a Communication consultant for senior executives. One day when she was packing for a trip to London, she googled and asked her friends for help but she felt uncertain if she had packed the right clothes, and this uncertainty was one of the inspiring moments that made Clare  wrote the business plan to Fabusco.

Of Fabusco´s goal, Clare said: “That is my aim for Fabusco, to inspire myself and others like me to dress the same clothes up in a different way.”

As Clare explain us Fabusco is not only for people that need help getting dressed, but also for people that want to set trends as well. They strive to capture real people in real situations around the world wearing amazing styles. This ranges from walking around during the day, to fun parties at night, and local events during weekends. From there, they put the pictures onto and people who seek inspiration can search by specific item or location.

fabusco 3

So do you have a white shirt and want to wear it more than once? You are not sure what do you pair it with? Now without leaving your home, you can be inspired from some ideas of how women from around the world would rock that look.

What are you waiting for?!? Go to Fabusco and be inspired or inspire someone with your style.

Shopping List inspired on Fabusco:

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