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What is the Drouser?

What is the Drouser?

Wearing a dress over trousers is nothing new, Pakistanis, for example have been wearing for as long as we can remember this ‘dress over pants’ trend.

However, if you’ve been keeping a close eye on the couture catwalks, such as Givenchy, Ellie Saab, Valentino, Chanel, you might  have noticed that the dress/trouser ensemble has gone a step further and merged into one item: the drouser.


With this coming back trend I finally discovered the wedding dress of my dreams! The problem is I´m already married 😉 and my mother wouldn’t be happy to know about my discovery, after all she was the one who gave me my beautiful wedding dress. But I have to confess that my wedding dress was not “the one”, it was beautiful, but I didn’t even cry when I finally decided to buy it (some people say that when you know it´s the one, you will cry), and I didn’t feel pretty and powerful wearing it, and I was the bride 😉

Gabriela Hearst RTW Spring 2017
Gabriela Hearst RTW Spring 2017

This couture drousers are so elegant and beautiful, with a modern and interesting update of the ball gown. The incorporation of trousers that come out of full-skirted satin dresses gives the classic glitzy gown a fresh and unexpected twist providing what is sure to become a red-carpet favorite and what would also make the perfect wedding dress, at least for me, because my husband is thankful that my new crush happened after our marriage 😉

But this is not just a red-carpet-only trend, the street-style set is already on board with styling trousers over dresses and is giving us just the inspiration we need to make a statement look and an instant cool-girl appeal.


So are you ready to try this new trend?

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